Citizens Supporting Wyoming Coal Oil and Gas

Citizens Supporting Wyoming Coal Oil and Gas

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PETITION – Citizens Supporting Wyoming Coal

Whereas the State of Wyoming has benefited greatly, in the tens of billions of dollars from the coal industry and now the families that are employed by this industry are suffering due to lack of action!

Whereas Governor Mark Gordon vetoed legislation in 2019 that would have funded a legal battle against blocked shipping corridors and ports!

Whereas the majority of elected lawmakers continue to delegate their powers to regulatory bureaucracies with far overreaching authority!

I sign this petition in protest to what is being allowed by Lawmakers that have been entrusted with the powers that are inherent in the people as promised in the State and U.S. Constitutions.

As a citizen of Wyoming, I demand that my elected officials to stop turning their cheeks and instead fight using any and all means possible to reign in the expansive executive authority by:

Defunding any government entity that uses its authority to block shipping corridors and ports.

Defunding any bureaucracy that regulates the coal industry with its heavy hand.

Defunding all quasi-government agencies that are complicit with the environmentalist’s anti-coal agenda.

Defunding all grants and government funding where anti-coal Non-Government-Organizations benefit in any manner.

All mentioned have used monies taken from the heavily regulated coal industry to further enshakle it.

The time is NOW to open the shipping lanes and ports!

To be delivered to Governor Mark Gordon, all State Legislators, the Wyoming Congressional Delegation, and to President Donald Trump.

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